It is very important to us that we comply with current data protection regulations and laws, so we will discuss in detail the steps of data protection and data collection processes of

The data is managed by David Reyes and is responsible for the management of personal data.

Contact details:

Full Legal Name:  David Reyes Limited Liability Company

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Postal address: Carretera Cala Conta cruze a Cala Tarida Stop Supermercado, codigo postal: 07829, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza, Islas Baleares


Personal data is responsible for clearly identify an individual.

 The following personal information is processed on, with the exact legal basis:


This includes any messages you submit to us via the website, via email, social media, or any other form of communication. We process and keep this information so that we can fulfill our services and provide a decision basis for any legal claims.

Our legal basis for processing this is the verifiable interest of the user towards our activity, which is reflected in the messages addressed to us.


Including all data related to the purchase of products and services, such as the customer’s name, shipping and billing address, email address, phone number, product information purchased. We process these data to successfully complete the orders and have legal records of purchases.

The legal basis for storing the data is the fulfillment of the order contract between the customer and


Including data generated through the use of the website, which allows the site to function properly, to keep the page secure, to store backups of users’ activities, and to always access the most relevant content possible.

The legal basis for processing the data is the clear interest of the user towards our activity, which is to be stored and secured for the technical functioning of the site.


Including data generated during the use of the site, such as IP address, login information, browser data, visit time for each page, page views and navigation paths, number and date of visits to the pages, time zones, and device details to view the page.

 The source of the data is our analytical software.

We process these data to analyze the habits of users on the site, to keep our site safe and understand the usefulness of our marketing decisions.

The legal basis for data processing is the clear interest of the user towards our activity, which allows us to process this data in accordance with security requirements and use it to increase our business for more efficient operation.


What includes the visitor’s preferences and what kind of marketing content you welcome from us. We process this data to allow you to participate in prize games, promotions and send advertising related to our products / services towards which the user has expressed interest.

The legal basis for data processing is the clear interest of the user towards our activity, which allows us to process this data in accordance with security requirements and use it to increase our business for more efficient operation.

The collected data can be used from time to time to provide targeted, relevant ads on the Facebook ™ platform, and on various dynamic ad platforms, and measure the effectiveness of ads.

The legal basis for data processing is the clear interest of the user towards our activity, which allows us to process this data in accordance with security requirements and use it to increase our business for more efficient operation.

During our activity, we do NOT collect sensitive data such as ethnicity, religion, sexual life and orientation, political opinions and union membership, or health background, and genetic or biometric information.


We may collect personal information in such a way that the user provides us directly (for example, by sending an order or sending a message).

In addition, certain data is automatically collected during the use of the site, such as cookies and similar technologies. These will only work after the user has given his consent.

For more information, please see our Cookie Policy.

Some data is received from external partners, such as analytical service providers such as Google (a non-EU partner), advertising networks such as Facebook ™ (non-EU partner) or payment partners such as PayPal (EU-wide). partner) and Barion.


It is extremely important for To protect user data and to comply with current regulations. Therefore:

After the data protection impact assessment carried out on the site, we have compiled a list of collected data, their necessity and legal basis, and their legal compliance.

It is extremely important for to protect user data and to comply with current regulations.

Therefore, we treat data protection as a top priority on and we have made great efforts to collect the information collected by the site safely.

We use SSL certification for the entire website (Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 certification) to protect the data provided on the forms and on the page.

To protect the page from attack, we use premium security software (iThemes Security Pro) to protect the stored data from so-called “brute force” and viral attacks.

Purchasing and user data in the databases of the page are stored in encrypted form (pseudonymized), so they cannot be read by an external party.

In this Privacy Policy, we provide users with the means to request information about the management of their personal information, to modify or delete their personal information.

From time to time, it is necessary for our business partners to provide data to our service partners (such as hosting provider, courier company, newsletter software). In this case, we always choose to comply with the requirements of the GDPR Regulation and participate in the US-US Privacy Shield for a US-based partner, and sign a data management agreement to ensure a safe process.


Continuing marketing communication is essential for any business. The legal basis for this data management is showing interest in our services or the expression of consent of the users.

Based on the European Union Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), we send marketing messages to our users when they have purchased from us or have explicitly agreed to receive marketing messages.

We always allow the suspension of consent and the unsubscription of the messages in a clearly visible way. At the bottom of each email you can find the link you need to unsubscribe, or you can request removal from the database at

We can also send messages when unsubscribing from marketing communications, but only for order fulfillment reasons.


Occasionally, it is necessary to share certain personal data with some of our partners in order to maintain a normal business:

-IT providers and service providers for troubleshooting and maintenance on computer systems

– Expert partners such as lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurers

-Government bodies asking for reports on our activities

-Payment providers who manage bank card information securely

-Courier services that fulfill incoming orders to the specified shipping address

International data ransfers

We occasionally need to share the data of our users with our partners outside the European Economic Area (EEA) in order to maintain their business.

In many cases, non-EEA countries do not provide the same level of data protection, so European laws prohibit the export of data unless the appropriate conditions are met.

Whenever personal data is transferred outside the EEA, we will do the following in addition to the steps discussed in section 4 to ensure the safe handling of your data:

– We only transfer data to countries that the European Commission considers appropriate for data security.

– We use only US-based services that are part of the EU-US Privacy Shield security initiative.

 If the circumstances above does not met, we explicitly request the users to make a data transfer. The consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Links to external sites

This site occasionally contains links to external sites, or embeds code snippets embedded in the page to provide external services.

 Clicking on these links or using embedded solutions may allow external partners to collect data from users.

 While we are doing our best to partner properly, we have no control over their privacy policies and we are not responsible for their data management principles.


Users’ data is always stored only until our legal / accounting / reporting obligations make it mandatory or necessary to operate the service.

 When deciding on the duration of storage, we consider the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the data, and the potential impact of leakage in the event of a privacy incident.

 For taxation reasons, we need to keep billing and purchase data for customers for at least 8 years to meet legal obligations.

 In some circumstances, we may use the data for statistical purposes in an anonymised form, in which case we store the data for an unlimited period without information.


As a citizen of the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides the following rights to users of the site:

a, Access to personal information

Users of the site have the right to request a copy of the personal data stored by In general, the request will be completed free of charge within 14 days of the request.

 In the case of repeated, abusive, unjustified data validation, may charge a moderate amount for providing the data, and additional time may be required to provide the data.

 In addition, asks for proof of identity before release, to prevent misuse. To request your personal information, please use the following contact form:

Data request / Data delete/ Data restriction

(e-mail is required to process the identification progress)

b, Modify personal data

If personal information has been altered or has been misreported, users have the right to request modification of the data. To change your personal information, please contact us at

c, Request to delete personal data

Users have the right to request the deletion of all their personal data. The request will be made free of charge within 14 days of the request. Once the personal information is deleted, the user account will not be available, so any materials purchased may become unavailable as the personal account information is essential to access the service. asks for proof of identity before deleting personal data to prevent misuse. Please use the contact form above to delete your personal information.

d, Request to restrict the processing of personal data

Users have the right to restrict access to their data to third parties (service partners) upon request. When submitting a request, you can also name the service partners you want to restrict.

It is important to note that collaboration with certain service providers is essential for the operation of the site (eg, PayPal as a payment service provider), so that, if they are restricted, the site’s services become unavailable to the user. asks for proof of identity before limiting the transfer of personal data to prevent misuse. To limit the transfer of personal information, please use the contact form above.

In Spain, the National Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) is the official data protection authority. You can learn more about their privacy rights on the AEPD website.

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos,
Mailing adress: C/ Jorge Juan, 6. 28001 – Madrid 
Phone: 901 100 099 – 912 663 517
E-mail: dpd@agpd.esWebsite:


Using, e-mails and advertisements use so-called “cookies” and similar technologies, such as tracking codes, re-marketing labels, pixels, which are activated after user consent.

These technologies help us better understand the behavior and interest of our users, thus helping our higher quality and efficiency.

Our goal is to make the use of as user-friendly and personal as possible. If the user wants to ban these from recording non-personal data, this can be done in the following ways: technologies

 – Disable their loading by using cookie alerts on the site

 – Disable cookies in your browser or with the help of this tool

For more information on additional cookies and tracking codes on, see our Cookie Policy.